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Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that helps enterprises focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. It is a corporate quality program that emphasizes identifying and avoiding variation.

The term "Six Sigma" (6σ) is a statistical term that refers to 3.4 defects per million opportunities (or 99.99966 percent accuracy). A defect can be anything from a faulty part to an incorrect customer bill. Six Sigma team use extremely rigorous data collection and statistical analysis to find out sources of errors and to find ways to eliminate them.

The basic approach is to measure performance on an existing process, compare it with a statistically valid ideal and figure out how to eliminate any variation. Project teams might speak in terms of reducing cycle time, improving customer satisfaction, cutting down on returns and improving the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment. No project is considered complete until the benefit has been shown.

Six Sigma is a CEO's tool to translate the business objectives and bring about a revolution of improvements in the organization where improvements are not confined to a Quality control or organization excellence department. Six Sigma brings about benefit to bottom line; it most certainly takes people to higher level of performance with fewer mistakes. Six Sigma is now a strategic option available to organization to transform themselves. 

With a view to enable the participants, we are organising a  Two Day Workshop on Six Sigma which would address several questions that have been raised regarding Six Sigma, including what's new and different, its importance and value, why and how it works, role of top management, and research needs.


Who Should Attend


    Faculty Profile

Mr Vidyut Bapat is a Graduate with Honours in Electrical Engineering from IIT / Bombay,  and did post graduate studies in computer sciences in IIT / Kanpur


He has 30 years of rich experience in multinational companies such as Philips and Elpro - a former GE co.   He has worked in senior management in the fields of Product Management, R&D, Product Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Instrumentation And Quality Management


Mr Vidyut Bapat has worked for a large number of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies in the field of Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering, Food and Software.  His clients include Autoelectronics, DGP Hinoday, Forbes- Marshall Group, L & T, Mobati RM Nairobi Kenya, Pepsi, Philips, Solectron Penang Malaysia, Tata Motors, Vishay Components etc.


He has conducted many training seminars and trained more than 1000 engineers and managers in countries like India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya , Malaysia, UAE, USA and Vietnam.  Has traveled widely in Switzerland and other European countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia and has seen the best quality practices.


He has written 11 technical articles and has 10 patents.  He has completed hundreds of quality improvement projects and had been instrumental in saving millions to the respective organizations.  He has worked for the widest rage of Clients ranging from Fortune500 companies to one-person organizations in the field of Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering and Food; and trained more than 1000 engineers and managers.  He has specialization in the areas of Six Sigma Quality and Design Of Experiments. He learnt DOE from Keki Bhote from Motorola, who in turn learnt it from Dorian Shainin himself.


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For Six Sigma Green Belt Certfication, see Course Contents. Includes project support too.



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