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Softlogic   Specializes In bringing PC power to the shop floor.    

  • Software For Process Automation  

  • Microprocessor and PC Based Systems  for SPMs     For more...

Personal Computers and micro controllers are used almost in every office and information processing activity. However not everyone is using this wonderful technology on the shop floor at the grass root level.


Quality and productivity  improvement is on the agenda of every business manager in this age of open economy with competition always clicking at your heels.

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 Make Data Collection easy 


Use  Digilog - Datalogger  for shopfloor


  • Captures measurements when actually being taken. Eliminates bias. Anything from a simple digital vernier to the most complex measuring instrument  

  • Can store over 4000 readings in 10 different files

  • Easy down loading to PC for further analysis / management review

  • Compatible with all digital  Instruments  

  • Also Available in single channel and 8 channel analog input versions

  • Gage to PC Direct version also available.


I want to connect My Instrument to pc Directly