Dr. L. Ramakrishnan, FIEMA, C.Env., Distinguished Professor and Head,  IndSearch Centre of  Sustainability Management (i-cosm), Pune, India, is a top notch professional with over 32 years of industrial experience in R & D and Sustainable Development.  

He has over ten years of experience in implementing Sustainability programmes in the Asia Pacific Region. He, on behalf of i-cosm, offers training and consultancy services  in Strategic Environmental Management, EMS (ISO-14001), Environmental (and EMS) audits, Eco-efficiency (including energy efficiency), Eco-Design (substances and product liability), Green Purchasing, Green Marketing (end-of-life issues), Green Accounting and Reporting (including GRI reports), Corporate Social Responsibility, Supply-chain Sustainability (Responsible Supply Chain), Global Compact, Social Accountability, Occupational Health and Safety, NGO Interface, Government  interface, Bottom of the Pyramid projects (BoP),  etc.  He has been an IEMA (UK) registered Principal Environmental Auditor from 1997.  

He holds two Ph.Ds, one in Chemistry and Physics (from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) and another in the Faculty of Management (from the University of Pune).



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