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Vidyut Bapat


Vidyut  has worked for a large number of clients ranging from  Fortune500 companies  in the field of Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering, Food and Software.He is specialised in Six Sigma in Manufacturing and solving toughest Quality problems...                                                                   

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Vilas Patwardhan


Dr Vilas  has specialised in chemical process improvements.


He has more than thirty years of experience in chemical industry R&D, modeling, simulation, software development and industrial consulting.



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Mahinda Saranapala


Mahinda is specialised in using 5S as a vehicle for management.5S is the foundation on which six sigma quality can be built.

Based in Colombo, he was the first to implement the 5S concept in Sri Lanka in 1989.                                                    For more

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Dr. L. Ramakrishnan


Ram is our consultant for any aspect of Environment Management, CSR and Sustainability. He is a top notch professional with over 32 years of industrial experience in R & D and Sustainable Development.    He holds two Ph.Ds, one in Chemistry and Physics (IISc, Bangalore) and another in the Faculty of Management (U of Pune).

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