Vidyut Bapat
Director, SigmaGuru.

Vidyut graduated with Honours in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay and did post graduate studies in Computer Sciences in IIT Kanpur.
Has 30 years of rich experience in multinational companies such as Philips and Elpro - a former GE co. and 10 years in Consulting and Training.

He worked in senior management in the field of Product Management, R&D, Product Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Instrumentation And Quality.

Has traveled widely - in Switzerland and other European countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Kenya. 

Has vast experience in problem solving using Shainin tools. He has led many Six Sigma Quality Initiatives and had been instrumental in saving millions to the respective organizations.         

 Vidyut has vast experience in Six Sigma and Application of Shainin DOE and has been trained in these wonderful techniques by Keki Bhote formerly Senior Quality Consultant at Motorola, who in turn was trained by Shainin himself.

He has written over 11 technical articles and has 10 patents in his name.  

Vidyut has worked for the widest rage of Clients ranging from Fortune500 companies  in the field of     Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering and Food; and trained more than 1000 engineers and managers.   

His e-courses on Six Sigma are also appreciated by participants.

  See Client Experience.

Consult him for your Quality Problems. 

He will also help / coach your Quality Manager.

He can be reached at vidyut at sigmaguru dot com    


Vidyut in Washington


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