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Access to Quality Advice was never so easy.  


See  what others have achieved.

  • One cable manufacturer from Middle East saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing end cable lengths. 

  •  A fruit-juice bottler in Africa saved millions of shillings by controlling volume in bottles.

  •  An Aluminium processor improved his lot acceptance by customer from 50% to 100%.  

You too can improve your product and process quality with your existing manpower, and save your own millions. 


E consulting for Quality is getting readily accepted by the corporate world.

Some of the advantages are obvious and common to other areas.

Cost reduction  is one of the key elements of any outsourcing and is very much applicable to Quality area also. Flexibility is another. You only pay for what you want.

E consulting adds value to your teams.

It is generally understood / accepted that Quality Improvement Projects are team activities.

E consultant is your invisible member of the team. While team leader may be in correspondence with the consultant, other members may not / need not be aware of this fact. 

E consultant  enables one to have higher number of concurrent teams.  

Persons having strong leadership qualities can become more effective as team leaders, with e consultant to back up. 

Thus one can handle more projects at given time.  

A typical team member has both positive and negative contributions. By having an invisible team member only positive contributions are used. There are no negative contributions from a invisible member of the team. In many cases, there is hidden opposition to getting on-site consultants. By getting e consultants to do the job, this problem is eliminated.  

It helps you to empower the right people very conveniently..  

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