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Green Belt program

Here is a double statue you would love to see.

A warrior from front and a beautiful lady from the back.             (See the mirror for backside view)

So make sure to Look at the problem 

from all possible directions, 

all possible angles, 

in all possible colors; till you find a good clue. 

This is a good example of how and why a multivari is an excellent tool in problem solving.

Find out more from this Email based correspondence course

on Six Sigma and Shainin DOE

Get ready for a bigger job.

SigmaGuru Six Sigma Green Belt program ( Course code TGRE )

consists of 20 modules. 


Every week 2 modules will be sent to you

Your queries and doubts on every module will be answered. 

You will also take up one real-life project for improvement. Step-by-step Guidance will be given by expert faculty for execution of this project, as part of  Certification. 




See Participants comments

         The e-course helped me get a job in a prestigious company    - Sudhakar 

         This course has provoked me to identify problems and find solutions in a structured method.      Jessica 

         Jaw-wise process capability study resulted in an Cpk improvement from 0.6 to 1.4 which results in an annual savings of $15000.    - Nat 

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