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SigmaGuru offers unique e-mail correspondence courses in Six Sigma and Shainin DOE

Ideal for Managers and Engineers from Service and Manufacturing Industries

Keeping in mind our audience's diversity we have specially designed the e-Courses in a simple and lucid language that's easy to understand and make the  experience fun filled and exciting.    

You can pace your own program (duration 1 to 4 months) and is ideal for those aspiring to become Black Belts.

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Wide Choice of Courses - Introductory to Green Belt Certification


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Shainin Design of Experiment tools included


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Case Studies - A large number of case studies  included 


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Project Support and consultancy included


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champion's voice -


"Our customer returns dropped from 50% of coils to ZERO"
- Aluminium processor


"This course has provoked me to identify problems and find solutions in a structured method"
- Jessica


"Jaw-wise process capability study resulted in an Cpk improvement from 0.6 to 1.4 which results in an annual savings of $15000."    

- Nat


current programs - 

Unique e-Courses on Six Sigma and Shainin DOE leading to Green Belt Certificate.


Public Seminar on
Turbo Six Sigma 


e-Consulting for your Quality Improvement Projects.




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