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Case Studies included in Course Content-  Six Sigma and DOE (Shainin Methodology)

Case studies constitute an important part of the learning process. While going through these cases, you will automatically correlate to your own past, your experience, and your present situation and identify yourself with the case. Thus finding a solution in a case study is like finding a solution to your own case. You will thus get confidence in tackling your own cases, as if you have already tackled many such cases before. 

Thus case studies are a very powerful tool in training and self-development.

 Case studies included in the e course - 

     * Circuit Calibration  * Improvement in Packing Design 
     * Ceramic Company  * Electronic Components Manufacturer 
     * Antenna Coil Of Radio Receiver  * Sensor Manufacturer 
     * Gear Manufacturer * Auto sub assembly Manufacturer
     * Motor manufacturer  * Work smarter - use Statistics 
     * Wave soldering  * Quality Function Deployment 


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