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What is Quality?

   Importance of Quality

   Variety and variations 

   Quality and Productivity/Lower costs

   Best Insurance against survival      

   Taguchi loss function 

                              Case-  Wire drawing

What is Sigma? What is Six Sigma? 

History of Six Sigma.
Methodology - DMAIC / PDCA.
Selection of project. 

                              Case - Cable manufacturer
Statistical thinking. 
Special and common causes of variation. 
Important Quality/Variations. 

Basic Statistical Quality parameters 

                               Case - Who is a better batsman?

Dart Chart for plotting.

Causes of Variations 

   Types of variations 

   Examples of relation between Sigma and  Quality 

Stages in quality journey 

Why training? Why DOE?

                                Case - How to judge a vendor?

Product and process control 

                                Case - Quality of Inspection


Shainin DOE


Tools of quality improvement 

 7 Basic Tools

 7 tools of Shainin DOE (Design of Experiments)

   1. Multivari 

                                Case - Ceramic Product

                                           50 % reduction in rejection in a week

   2. Component Search 

                                Case - Auto Sub assembly 

                                           Rework dropped to zero within a week

   3. Paired Comparison   

                                Case - Antenna Coil Of Radio Receiver

                                           Problem solved in a day

   4. Variables Search 

                                Case - Non solvable problem solved

                                          Microphony reduction from 8000ppm to zero within 3 months
   5. Full Factorials 

                                Case - How to bake a cake

                                Case - Gear manufacturing

                                           Rejection reduced by a factor of 4 within 2 days
   6. B Vs C 

                                Case - Wave Soldering

                                           Continuous Quality improvement

   7. Scatter Plots  

                                Case - Improvement in packing design

How to use the tools

                                Case - QFD in lamp manufacturing

How to maintain quality level 


   SPC / Precontrol 

   ISO Systems  

Reliability - MTBF / MEOST 

                                Case - Sensor manufacturing

                                           Sensitivity Improved by a factor of 2


Methodology of implementation of quality  improvement process 

                                Case - Motor manufacturer

                                           Process parameters optimised

How to achieve success? 

   Leadership/Project  Selection


                                Case - Circuit Calibration

                                           Productivity Doubled


How to make Presentations In Business Environment ?


How to write your project report?


Support and Guidance in all phases of Project

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