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Public Seminar

Turbo Six Sigma

Pune, India



 The participants will have the option of getting Green Belt certification by doing a follow up project. 


SixSigma is about working without making any mistakes. SixSigma is also about making money.

You will find that 9 out of every 10 successful companies use SixSigma approach in their business. Six Sigma companies routinely make huge profits. 

Do you know that Reliance Industries, which made more than US$1Billion profit last FY, has more than 100 Black Belts in SixSigma?  

You too can learn about Six Sigma.

SigmaGuru  - TrainersAndConsultants In Quality Improvement is pleased to bring this seminar to you, which will help you move in this direction. Design of Experiments (DOE) is a very important tool in sigma reduction and problem solving in general. We will learn about these tools also in this seminar. The participants will be exposed to the techniques and a number the case studies, which will help them, tackle their own problems when they are back to work.

Look at the benefits of some of the first SixSigma projects -  

  • At an Aluminium rolling unit producing bottle closure foil Customer returns reduced from 50% to zero.

  • At a milk processing plant - Jaw-wise process capability study resulted in Cpk improvement from 0.6 to 1.4 which results in an annual savings of $15000.

  • At an autocomponent unit rework reduced to zero.  

Engineers and managers from different functional areas from Manufacturing and Service industries will benefit.

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